Glooko logbook now compatible with 17 glucose meters

In July, I profiled Glooko in our article Glooko: The new digital logbook for diabetes. I was excited to discover a tool that -- after 27 years of handwritten logbooks -- enables me to use my iPhone to track my blood sugars. I was thrilled with Glooko because anything that gives me another excuse to love my iPhone is a win/win in my opinion.

Recently, Glooko announced their product is now compatible with 6 additional meters, bringing the total to 17 meters. Additions include meter from Walmart, Arkray and Bayer. New compatible meters include the following:

  • Bayer's CONTOUR® NEXT EZ
  • Bayer's CONTOUR® XT
  • ReliOn® Confirm
  • ReliOn® Prime

Working with the Walmart brand is especially appealing to consumers like me who want cost effective ways to manage their diabetes. As of today, Walmart sells the ReliOn Prime meter for approximately $16 and $9 for 50-ct strips, which is about 18 cents per test, making it affordable for most people.

Like most consumers today, I read online reviews before I make a purchase, and reviews for Glooko have been overwhelmingly positive, with one diabetes mom writing on "The amount of exclamation points (she included more than a dozen) clearly doesn't do this justice to a diabetic's life." Another reviewer wrote: "If you have diabetes and an iPhone there's no reason for you not to be using this product."

If Glooko's goal is to make life easier for people with diabetes, they've succeeded. Until there is a cure for diabetes, tools like these can help to make our lives a little easier.

About Amy Stockwell Mercer

Amy Stockwell Mercer is the author of The Smart Woman's Guide to Diabetes, Authentic Advice on Everything from Eating to Dating and Motherhood, and her follow up, The Smart Woman's Guide to Eating Right with Diabetes, What Will Work, will be published in the fall of 2012.

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