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US Diagnostics strives to provide patients with high quality diabetes supplies at a low cost. To help meet this agenda, the company develops, manufactures and distributes several different models of blood glucose monitoring systems.

US Diagnostics blood glucose meters

US Diagnostics currently has five glucose meters on the market: the Acura, Infinity, Maxima, Control and EasyGluco. According to manufacturer information, the Acura automatically draws blood into the test strip and automatically sets code for simple testing. The Infinity meter allows users to test blood glucose levels with blood samples from the upper arm, forearm, thigh, calf and palm, as well as fingertips.

The Maxima device can average readings over a two week period to help provide patients and caregivers with a wider scope of information about blood glucose levels and lifestyle.The Control only requires a 1.0 microliter blood sample and is compatible with diabetes management software. The EasyGluco meter has a battery life which should last through 5,000 tests; other similar meters have a 1,000 test battery life. All US Diagnostics meters come with a lifetime guarantee.

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Other US Diagnostics diabetic supplies

In addition to blood glucose meters, US Diagnostics also produces a lancing device. It features an adjustable tip that allows you to choose from five settings for maximum comfort. It is compatible with most standard lancets, according to the manufacturer.

The company asserts that its primary focus with its diabetes care line is to develop technologies in the areas of biosensor and dry reagent chemistry. These technologies enable rapid point of care testing of the blood. US Diagnostics is also known for its durable medical equipment, including back braces, knee braces and wrist braces.

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US Diagnostics Glucose Monitors

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