Control™ by US Diagnostics

The Control™ blood glucose monitor from US Diagnostics is ready for the long haul with a battery life of 5,000 tests. 250 tests are kept in memory and fourteen-day averages are available at the touch of a button. Alternative site testing and results in five seconds can make testing easier.

Control™ blood glucose monitor specifications

Meter Size: N/A

Meter Weight: N/A                     

Alternate Site Testing Approved: Yes

Manual Coding Required: Yes

Blood Sample Size: 1 microliter

Average Test Time: Approximately 5 seconds

Backlight Display: No

Memory Size: 250 tests

Battery Life: 5,000 tests

Battery Type: (1) Lithium, 3-volt battery, CR2032

Test Range: N/A

Computer Download Capability: Yes

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US Diagnostics Glucose Monitors

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