ReliOn diabetes products are both accessible and affordable for patients from all walks of life. Sold exclusively at Walmart, Consumer Reports has consistently ranked these products as "best buys" considering both their quality and competitive pricing. According to the October 2011 report, ReliOn test strips are among the best values in today's diabetes care marketplace.

ReliOn blood glucose meters

According to vendor information, there are three blood glucose meters sold under the ReliOn brand: the ReliOn Confirm, the ReliOn Micro and the ReliOn Ultima. The ReliOn Confirm is one of the most inexpensive meters on the market comes in two colors. This meter doesn't require coding and can average readings over two weeks or a month. The device also comes with its own lancing device with five depth settings. The ReliOn Micro is a small meter with big functionality. Like the other ReliOn models, it doesn't require coding. It offers options for 7-, 14- or 30-day averaging and allows for pre-and post-meal flagging. The ReliOn Ultima only requires a 0.6 micoliter sample and is compatible with alternate site testing.

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Other ReliOn diabetes supplies

Other diabetes products sold under the ReliOn brand include mail-away A1c test kits; glucose products to help treat hypoglycemic episodes, Humulin/ReliOn insulin, insulin pen needles, syringes, urine ketone test strips, lancets, alcohol swabs, and device carrying cases.

In addition to its complete line of diabetes supplies, other products sold under the ReliOn brand include blood pressure monitors and thermometry products for ear, oral and temple temperature taking.

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ReliOn Glucose Monitors

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