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In its two-decade history, Pharma Supply has garnered a reputation for providing consumers with affordable, high-quality medical equipment. Located the Florida, Pharma Supply products are shipped around the world, with dissemination points in the Caribbean, Central and South America, Canada, Europe, Africa and Asia.

Pharma Supply glucose meters

Pharma Supply is behind a wide range of glucose meters, including the Advocate Redi-Code Duo, the Advocate Redi-Code and the Advocate Redi-Code Dash. The Advocate Redi-Code is a talking meters, programmed to speak both English and Spanish. When turned on, these talking meters greet the patients, state the room temperature, talk the patient through the testing procedure and then give results audibly. The Advocate Redi-Code Dash is a pocket-sized meter. Like the other Advocate models, this meter doesn't require any coding. The dash comes in six different colors and is easily transportable for testing on the go. Finally, the Advocate Redi-Code Duo is both a glucose meter and a blood pressure monitor.

All of the Advocate meters USB-compatible, so patients and doctors can download test results and data to a PC. The meters work with a software that creates visual reports and help make data sharing easier for patients and their diabetes care teams.

In addition to the Advocate line of glucose meters, Pharma Supply also makes a complete line of diabetes care accessories including testing strips, control solution, lancets and lancing devices, syringes and more.

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Pharma Supply Glucose Monitors

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