Omnis Health

A relatively young company, Omnis Health was established in 2008. It has grown quickly, and its products are now sold throughout the United States as well as internationally. The company states its mission is to provide innovative products at affordable prices. Catering to diabetic patients, Omnis Health works to provide disease management solutions that are affordable, reliable and easy to use. At the heart of its product line is the Embrace blood glucose meter.

Omnis Health blood glucose meters

With a tagline encouraging patients to embrace life with diabetes, the Embrace blood glucose meter promises fast, accurate results. The meter features a large display and talking capability to provide confirmation of test results. Onmis Health says only a small amount of blood is needed, and results are returned in seconds. The Embrace meter is a thin design with a black or blue front panel and white double injection molding along the side for a secure grip.

While Omnis Health heavily promotes the Embrace blood glucose meter on its website, it is not the only monitor produced by the company. The Victory blood glucose monitoring system is a basic meter that features auto-coding and five second results. While the Embrace blood glucose meter is meant for individual consumers, the Victory model is marketed largely toward long term care facilities.

See the Embrace glucose meter.

Other Omnis Health diabetes supplies

Omnis Health sells several products intended for use with the Embrace blood glucose meter. Embrace test strips and control solution ensure the meter produces accurate results. The strips use an under fill technology to help avoid false readings because of an inadequate blood sample. In addition, Omnis Health offers a lancet device that can be used to draw blood from the fingertip or alternate sites such as the forearm or palm.

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