Oak Tree Tree Health, Inc.

Formed in 2007, Oak Tree Health is a relative newcomer to the diabetes products market. Despite its short history, the company has quickly ingrained itself in the diabetes care scene and has created a number of highly-rated devices. With facilities both the United States and Asia, Oak Tree Health is establishing itself in the global market.

Oak Tree Health glucose meters

Oak Tree Health divides its glucose meters by patient segment, including individual private patient use, tele-health and long-term care. In the private patient market, Oak Tree Health offers three meters with talking capabilities: the EasyMax V, the EasyPlus V and the EasyMax V2. Other patient meters include the EasyMax L, that includes strip illumination and a large display.

For the tele-health market, Oak Tree Health created the EasyPlus R2N and the Master Driver. The EasyPlus R2N offers Bluetooth capabilities, while the Master Drive can store up to 10,000 records for the patient or physician, as well as allows the patient to email, track and trend glucose meter results.

Additionally, Oak Tree Health has two meters in development: the EasyMax T11 (FDA Pending) and the GlucoDoc (FDA Pending).

For information about Oak Tree Health, Inc. glucose meters, please visit the individual page for each meter:

To compare the various features of Oak Tree Health glucose meters, use our blood glucose meter comparison tool.


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Oak Tree Health Glucose Monitors

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