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Accuracy is an art for Nova Diabetes Care: a study from the University of Ulster in Northern Ireland recently found that its Nova Max Plus blood glucose meter has one of the lowest rates of error among home-testing devices on the market.

Nova Biomedical glucose meters

According to information for Nova Diabetes Care, inaccurate glucose readings are usually caused by interference from HCT or maltose. Its Nova Max Plus meter ranked high on the university's findings. The device is virtually unaffected by Hct or non-glucose sugars and provided the least total error of the meters tested, according to the report. Additionally the Nova Max Plus is one of two home- use glucometers on the market today that also tests for ketones in the blood.

Nova Diabetes Care also manufactures the Nova Max Link, a blood glucose meter made to function in tandem with certain insulin pumps via a wireless connection. Both the Nova Max Plus and Nova Max Link require only a 0.3 micoliter blood sample and neither device needs any coding to work with new strips. Additionally, both devices are compatible with alternate site testing.

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Other Nova Biomedical diabetes supplies

Other diabetes supplies produced by Nova Diabetes Care include test strips, control solutions and the SureFlex lancing device and lancets. According to manufacturer information, the SureFlex lancing device has five depth settings and a force-adjustment feature designed to provide users with comfort and control. A special endcap for alternate site testing is also included with the device, allowing users to draw blood from the palm or forearm.

Nova Diabetes Care is a branch of Nova Biomedical, a Massachusetts-based company that manufactures and produces medical devices, diagnostic equipment and tools for in-vitro diagnostics.

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Nova Biomedical Glucose Monitors

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