Nipro Diagnostics

In 2011, Nipro Diagnostics won an award for being one of the top Florida manufacturers and has seen continued success from its diabetes care products. Additionally, Nipro Diagnostics was able to expand operations in 2011 and has plans for future growth, according to a company news release.

Officials, patients and medical professionals alike all recognize Nipro Diagnostics' success stems from its commitment to manufacturing low-cost diabetes supplies. Nipro Diagnostics makes five different models of blood glucose meters sold under the brand name True and an all-in-one testing device called the SideKick.

Nipro Diagnostics blood glucose meters

According to the company's website, their True products offer accurate results at an affordable price. Each True meter offers different features. The True2Go is a pocket-sized device doesn't require any coding and is compatible with alternative site testing. The TrueResult stores and averages readings, handling up to a month at a time. TrueTrack can provide accurate test results with 1-microliter of blood. TrueBalance and TrueRead both have a large viewing area. Nipro Diagnostics also makes blood glucose meters from the True product line sold under retailers' house brand names. Clients include Rite Aid, Walgreens, CVS, Leader and Sunmark.

The SideKick is Nipro's most unique meter and isn't sold under any other name. This all-in-one device contains a disposable meter doesn't require any coding and stores 50 test trips for on-the-go users.

For more information about Nipro Diagnostic glucose meters, visit their individual meter pages:

Nipro Diagnostics diabetes supplies and products

Nipro Diagnostics makes other products for diabetes care. The company also makes a line of test strips, including the TRUEtest test strips which can be used with both the TRUEresult and TRUE2go. Nipro's TrueDraw lancing pen and lancets can accommodate five depth settings and will work with any meter and alternative site testing. Nipro also makes urine ketone test supplies, sold under the brand name Ketone Care and some drugstore brand names. Additionally, Nipro's TrueManager software allows patients and medical providers to store and analyze test results over a period of time. The reporting software is also compatible with Microsoft's HealthVault, ExpressMD Solutions, Numera and Diasend connectivity platforms which allow you to share your testing information with a healthcare provider.

Though Nipro Diagnostics' US office is in Florida, its corporate headquarters is in Osaka, Japan. Nipro asserts that it is dedicated to "developing products that deliver outstanding performance and value," and continually helping individuals manage their diabetes and enjoy healthy lifestyles.

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Nipro Diagnostics Glucose Monitors

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