Infopia USA

Infopia USA can trace its roots back to 1996 when it was formed in Korea. The company has since grown into a publicly traded corporation that sells its products in 60 countries. Infopia USA's US headquarters is located in Titusville, Florida. In addition to diabetes supplies, its product line includes technological items for heart disease and cancer diagnostics, liver analysis and remote treatment systems. The company touts that it creates 'technology for the human.'

Infopia USA blood glucose meters

The Eocene System is Infopia USA's answer to disease management for individuals with diabetes. It collects data from glucose monitors and other self-monitoring devices. The results are them tabulated and available for review by patients, family members and health care professionals.

Infopia USA manufactures three blood glucose monitors that are compatible with the Eocene System:

All three models have seven approved sites from which to draw blood. According to the company, the Element and Evolution models require the smallest blood sample of any meter found on the market. Infopia USA also states the Element and Evolution glucose meters have a three second response time which is the fastest speed found among today's monitors. In addition, all three meters were developed so that non-glucose sugars will not affect test results.

Other Infopia USA diabetes supplies

In addition to its blood glucose monitors, Infopia USA sells a virtual tracker and USB cord that allow test results to be sent to the Eocene System. The company also has a blood pressure cuff and thermo weight scale available for consumer purchase. The scale has a 400 pound maximum weight limit and thermal sense technology which allows it to detect variances in foot temperature. Both the scale and blood pressure cuff can be used with the Eocene System to provide a more complete picture of an individual's overall health.

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Infopia Glucose Monitors

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