FIFTY50 Medical

Combining business with philanthropy, FIFTY50 Medical promises to share half its profits to fund diabetes research. To-date, FIFTY50 Medical has donated just under $6 million to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and approximately $5 million to various other diabetes research organizations and projects.

Originally selling just three products for diabetics, FIFTY50 has grown to include food products, supplements, skin care and diabetes supplies.

FIFTY50 Medical blood glucose meters

The company produces its own meter: the FIFTY50 Glucose Monitoring System 2.0.

Featuring a compact design and large display, the FIFTY50 Glucose Monitoring System 2.0 uses a simple, one step operation with no coding required. Only a small amount of blood is needed for testing, and the results are available in five seconds. A USB data port can allow users to connect the meter to their computer. Patients do not have to worry about interference from maltose, lactose, galactose or xylose affecting test results. In addition, the meter allows for pre-/post meal flagging and averaging. The battery life is approximately 1,000 tests.

The FIFTY50 Glucose Monitoring System 2.0 comes standard in the color black and has rubber backing. SPORTSKids skins are available in four designs to customize the meters. These include geckos, flowers and a sports theme.

Other FIFTY50 Medical diabetes supplies

FIFTY50 Medical sells a broad range of products for both type 1 and type 2 diabetes patients. Items sold under the FIFTY50 brand name include:

  • Alert bracelets
  • Insulin syringes
  • Glucose tabs
  • Testing strips
  • Supply cases

For patients with health insurance coverage, FIFTY50 Medical offers assistance in completing insurance forms and filing claims. The company accepts all major medical insurance plans as well as Medicare.

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