Chemical and medical supply company ARKRAY entered the diabetes care market 30 years ago when it developed the first HbA1c analyzer. Today the company the company strives to produce affordable blood glucose meters and other products designed with style in mind. ARKRAY has achieved this goal with its GLUCOCARD® -branded blood glucose meters. There are four different GLUCOCARD® devices available and each offers users different features.

ARKRAY USA blood glucose meters

The GLUCOCARD® Expression features large buttons and "speaks" in both Spanish and English, according to information from ARKRAY. The GLUCOCARD® Vital is an auto-coding meter with a memory that will hold up to 250 readings. The GLUCOCARD® 01 is a streamlined device that works with other ARKRAY test strips. The GLUCOCARD® 01-mini is a pocket-sized device that comes with 20 interchangeable faceplates so you can change the look of your meter to suit your mood or style.

For more information about ARKRAY blood glucose meters, please see the following:

Other ARKRAY USA diabetes supplies

ARKRAY also makes two lines of lancets: Hemolance and Assure Lance. Both devices were designer with safety in mind and automatically lock to prevent injuries. Other ARKRAY products include a thorough line of laboratory testing equipment, including dry chemical analysis, urinalysis, and other illness screening kits.

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ARKRAY USA Glucose Monitors

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