Glucose meter brands, company information and more

Glucose meter brands, companies and suppliers


ARKRAY USA produces a line of blood glucose meters, including the GLUCOCARD® 01 and GLUCOCARD® 01-mini. Learn more about ARKRAY USA glucose meters and their other diabetic supplies today.

FIFTY50 Medical Logo

FIFTY50 Medical donates half of its profits to diabetes research. The company makes the FIFTY50 Glucose Monitoring System 2.0 as well as other diabetes supplies like supply cases, testing strips and more. Learn about FIFTY50 Medical today.

Infopia USA Logo

Infopia USA makes diabetes supplies, including a range of blood glucose meters such as the Xpres, Element and Evolution. Keep reading for more company information about Infopia, their glucose meters and other diabetes supplies.

Nipro Diagnostics

Nipro Diagnostics makes several glucose meters including the TRUE2go, TRUEtrack, Sidekick and more. The company also makes its own lancing pen, lancets, ketone test supplies and more. Keep reading for more information about Nipro Diagnostics, their meters and diabetes supplies.

Nova Biomedical Logo

Nova Biomedical makes the Nova Max Link and Nova Max Plus glucose meters. The Nova Max Plus meter can test ketone levels, while the Nova Max Link can work with insulin pumps. Learn more about the company and their blood glucose meters today.

Oak Tree Health, Inc. Logo

Oak Tree Health produces a range of glucose meters both for private patient use, as well as for the long-term care and tele-health market. Meters include the EasyMax V, the EasyPlus V and more. Keep reading for more information about Oak Tree Health and its meters.

Omnis Health Logo

Omnis Health was founded in 2008 and produces the Embrace glucose meter. In addition to its glucose meter, Omnis Health also offers other diabetes supplies like control solutions, lancets and more. Keep reading for more information about Omnis Health and the Embrace meter.

Pharma Supply Logo

Pharma Supply is behind the line of Advocate glucose meters, including the Advocate Redi-Code, the Advocate Redi-Code Duo and the Advocate Redi-Code Dash. Learn more about Pharma Supply and its products today.

ReliOn Logo

ReliOn makes two glucose meters: the ReliOn Confirm and the ReliOn micro. Both of these meters have been rated highly by Consumer Reports. Learn more about the company and its blood glucose monitors today.

Roche Logo

Roche founded its line of Accu-Chek diabetes products over 35 years ago. Today, they market two meters, the Accu-Chek Compact Plus and the Accu-Chek Aviva Plus. Learn more about Roche, its background and its glucose monitors today.

Simple Diagnostics Logo

Simple Diagnostics sells products in over 72 countries worldwide, including a line of blood glucose monitors: the Clever Choice Auto-Code Pro, the Clever Choice Voice+ and the Clear Choice Auto-Code mini. Learn more about Simple Diagnostics and its meters today.

US Diagnostics Logo

US Diagnostics produces and distributes a line of glucose meters including the ACURA and Control monitoring systems. Overall, the company offers five glucose monitors. Keep reading for additional company information as well as information about their various glucose meters.

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