Getting Started at DiabetesDiscussions.com

Diabetes Monitor launched the forum DiabetesDiscussions.com in May, 2008. Below, you will find our Forum Guidelines as well as information for registering to use the forum.

Forum Guidelines

Authority. We moderate our forum on a weekly basis and, in many cases, a daily basis. Both the forum members, moderators and administrators are not considered to be health professional.s

The moderators and administrators are volunteers. They use the following aliases: [information]

Disclaimer. The information provided on DiabetesDiscussions.com does not constitute medical or other professional advice, is not intended to be a substitute for professional diagnosis or treatment, and does not create a physician-patient relationship. Please seek the advice of your doctor or health care provider with any questions you may have.

Privacy. As a reminder, any message on DiabetesDiscussions can be reproduced, read and cited by all. 

You are unable to delete messages you post to the forum. However, you can contact the forum moderator(s) to request a message be deleted under exceptional circumstances. Additionally, any references you provide in your posts also cannot be deleted.

The moderators reserve the right to delete any messages deemed inappropriate without notifying the author. In cases of abuse, the moderators reserve the right to ban a member of the forum. In both instances, an explanation will be provided if user requests.

Please examine your posts and references before you submit them to the forum.

Behavior. All adminstrators, moderators and members of the forums should conduct themselves with honesty and respect when using the forum.

By using DiabetesDiscussions.com, you agree to post correct and true information--best to your knowledge--and is of your personal experience. If you choose to not post information about your personal experience, we ask that you provide sources, such as references, links, etc. whenever possible.

Advertising links. You are NOT allowed to post advertisements to DiabetesDiscussions.com, whether in the form of test links, banner ads, etc.

Forum Registration

In order to register for DiabetesDiscussion.com, take the following steps:

  1. Review the Forum Guidelines on this page
  2. Click on the "Register" link on the home page and follow the instructions there
  3. Fill out your registration information

Forum username. The username can only contain a-z, 0-9, and/or _ [underscore] and - [dash] characters. The username you select will appear in your posts, visitor logs, etc. Please choose carefully. Your username cannot be changed.

Password. Your password must be a minimum of 6 characters long.

Nickname. Your nickname can include any text you want, but don't worry about putting too much here, as you can put detailed information into your signature (see more information about signatures, below). You can change your nickname anytime, at "My Controls."

Please be aware, whenever you're identified at the website, your username and nickname are both displayed unless you set them to exactly the same, and you will be listed in the order of nickname, then username. An example might be someone whose username is GEORGE, and who lists his name and where he's from in the nickname; it will be displayed as "George from NJ (GEORGE)".

Email address. Please enter your email address. You must confirm your registration via email. After registering, DiabetesDiscussions.com will send you an email with a link that allows you to confirm your membership.

Birthday. Please enter your birthday.

Time Zone. Make sure you select the correct time zone for where you live. This information will be posted each time you contribute to the forum or reply to a message.

After filling out the registration form, check everything, then click on "Register" at the bottom of the page. Until you confirm your registration via email, you can visit the forum as a Guest user.

Last date of modification: May 11, 2012

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