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DiabetesMonitor.com wants to support you with your daily management of diabetes. Information about diabetic supplies one way we can help. Our series of guides includes information about blood glucose monitors, insulin pens, insulin pumps and more. Be sure to check back often, as more guides will be added as we expand into new areas such as Medicare and insurance coverage, diabetes diets and more.

Guide to Blood Glucose Meters
Guide to Glucose Meters

It seems like a new glucose meter hits the market each week, all with the latest bells and whistles. With such a jammed marketplace, making a decision about your glucose meter can be difficult. Download this guide to glucose meters today to get a better understanding of where to start.

Continuous Glucose Monitor
Guide to Continuous Glucose Monitoring Systems

Continuous glucose monitoring systems (CGMS) are convenient and help you to identify trends in your blood sugars. Download this guide to learn about the benefits of CGMS and get information about models on the market today.

Guide to Diabetes
Guide to Diabetes

Knowledge is power when it comes to diabetes--both type 1 and type 2. Download our guide to diabetes to get an overview of diabetes, learn about its complications, get tips on good management techniques and more.

Guide to Insulin Pens
Guide to Insulin Pens

Insulin pens are convenient insulin delivery devices. But, do you know about the different types (prefilled versus durable)? Do you know about the different types of insulin? Download our guide to insulin pens today to get inside information on all things insulin pens.

Guide to Insulin Pumps
Guide to Insulin Pumps

Insulin pumps help millions of people with their day-to-day diabetes management. Download our guide to insulin pumps today to learn how the devices works, get information about their common features, and points to consider if you are thinking about switching to an insulin pump.

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